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Alteisen Pixel Art by G-Burnkwaran Alteisen Pixel Art :icong-burnkwaran:G-Burnkwaran 1 0 Blue Comet SPT Layzner Pixel Art by G-Burnkwaran Blue Comet SPT Layzner Pixel Art :icong-burnkwaran:G-Burnkwaran 1 0 Great Mazinger pixel art by G-Burnkwaran Great Mazinger pixel art :icong-burnkwaran:G-Burnkwaran 1 0

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Alteisen Pixel Art
My third and latest Pixel Art. I finished it just today!

This one i made to celebrate me finally finishing SRW OG1 on the GBA on Kyosuke's route. See, i'd finished the game once already, but since i was but a small shitkid at the time, everything was unoptimized, and i got like no skill points (which meant no secret final stage for me). This time around, i only missed two skill points (which still allowed me to get the secret stage and all the secret units, parts and weapons).

I'm quite proud of this one, actually. I think i did a pretty nice job on the shading on the Heat Horn specifically. Although, next time around i'll be making the R-1 (y'know, for Ryusei's route) in a bigger canvas. See, recently a friend of mine showed me his Sinanju pixel art head thing, and BOY. It was so much more detailed and beautiful than anything i'd ever done. In fact, it was what inspired me to put extra effort into this piece in particular. I realized that, to make something even half as detailed as he has done, i'd have to step it up and do art on a more focused, bigger canvas. So be on the lookout for my 50x50 R-1 in the future!

...though it'll probably take a while, since i'm not even halfway through Ryusei's route.

In any case, feel free to speak your mind about this piece in the comments. Any constructive criticism is welcome, since i'd love to improve my pixel art skills. Have a wonderful day!
Blue Comet SPT Layzner Pixel Art
My second pixel art.
You see, once i realized "Hey, this pixel art thing is fun!", i had to decide on what i should pixel-fy next. Now, i had to think hard about what would be worthy to make a piece on, and what is more worthy than the very show that made me the robosexual mecha fan that i am today?

You probably don't care about this little story, but if you're looking at my mediocre at best pieces, you must have more than enough time to spare, so i'll tell you all about Layzner.
One day, i was very, very bored. A few days earlier, i had gotten wrecked completely at Fire Emblem, and while it was a blast, i didn't wanna open it up again because i knew i would get beaten senseless and lose half my beloved characters, and i wanted to wait for when i was in a better state of mind and could properly beat the game (by the way, i never did beat that game). So i went looking for similar games. And there i saw it: the SRW J game. Fully translated and juicy, ready to be emulate- uhh, i mean legitimately played with my legitimate cartridge on my legitimate Game Boy Advance portable console!
This was just around the time i'd finished Gurren Lagann, and i'd watched Pacific Rim in theaters a bit before that, thus making me ready for them robots!
So, i booted it up, played a bit (got completely destroyed by that game as well, because i was a shitkid who didn't understand any of the mechanics) and i found myself getting really immersed in the plot. Up until then, i tried to pay attention to the plot of most games i played, but eventually got bored and started skipping it all. Not with SRW. And then i realized:
"hmm... what if i actually bothered watching this Layzner series, to get a feel for the differences between the show and the game?"
And from there, i fell down the giant robot hole, where i am stuck to this day. me

Back to the actual piece, i'm much prouder of this than i should be. I especially like the shading in it, makes me feel like i'm actually competent at this.

That said, the light splotch on the top of its head kinda bothers me. I could never quite find a color that'd make it look very good, so i just stuck with that one. While i don't think it looks terrible or anything, it annoys me. Nobody so far has said anything about it though, so i guess other people don't notice it...? If you do notice it and think it could be better, tell me in the comments. I am always accepting of constructive criticism. I really want to improve at this whole pixel art thing (it's why i even joined Deviantart!), so don't be ashamed to speak your mind!
That way, i can do even cooler robots justice in the future. You wouldn't want an ugly R-1, Sazabi or Gundam Alex, now would you?

In any case, have a wonderful day and thanks for checking my stuff out! I promise i'll get better in the future!
Great Mazinger pixel art
My first pixel art.
I made it to celebrate the return of Great Mazinger to SRW with SRW V's PV1, and i had quite a lot of fun making it.
Of course, being my first pixel art, i didn't have much experience with pixel art when making it... and i'm pretty sure it shows. The result is... not *Great*. (get it?)
Even so, i think it doesn't look awful or anything, even if there is much room for improvement. It kinda reminds me of the SRW GC map sprites.
When i become much more skilled with Pixel art, i'll come back and do this piece justice. For now, it stays as is.

All constructive criticism is welcome, i really want to improve at pixel art, i grew up with the likes of Megaman X, Metal Slug and KoF, so i really love its style.

In any case, thanks for bothering to look at this shitty piece, and i hope my others will be more pleasing to look at. Have a wonderful day!


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